The Wedding Picture

I love weddings. I love being at them and I love photographing them. It's a great opportunity to for everyone to look their smartest and happiest. I also love witnessing and participating in rituals and ceremonies with all their symbolism and tradition.

Now, I don't know about you but aside from the smiling faces this seems more like the setting for a funeral to me. The symbolism that can be read into this photograph is in my opinion at odds with the occasion. There is the looming tombstone cross which dominates the picture, the slab reminiscent of a sacrificial alter, the white flowers and the twilight of the setting sun behind. And that's without the contextual knowledge of the dynastic and political aspects of the bride's family. I'm sure this was meant to represent the romance of the newlyweds and the faith in their religion but I don't quite get that impression. Still, I wish Jenna & Henry many years of wedded bliss.

President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush and Mr. and Mrs. John Hager pose with the newly married couple, Jenna and Henry Hager, in front of the altar Saturday, May 10, 2008, after their wedding ceremony at Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas. White House photo by Shealah Craighead

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