The New York Photo Festival

I finally made it down to the NY Photo Festival this afternoon (the last day). I didn't get a chance to see everything and I didn't attend a single event or talk but I did get a whole afternoon full of photography, which is certainly more than enough images for one day. The exhibit I spent the least time in was 'Various Photographs' curated by Tim Barber and it was actually my favourite of the festival. Unfortunately I came to it last and was suffering from photo fatigue - while my poor wife was so exhausted she didn't even step inside this one! Though I unashamedly skimmed though this room it held many interesting and fantastic photographs, one each from dozens of photographers. Now that's thinking like a festival.

Two of the big exhibits I found to be a little obvious - Kathy Ryan and Martin Parr can choose some quality photographs but I wasn't really surprised or challenged by the choices, good though many of them were.

Most of all I was looking forward to seeing the work at the invitational pavilion but have to admit I think this was a wasted opportunity and I left feeling a little disappointed. There was some great photography but the presentation was more than a little haphazard and it seemed very much cobbled together as if it was an afterthought. These 'satellite shows' should have been given more space and with a bit more effort could have been given the attention they deserve.

My wife really liked the Portraiture on show from the Getty archives and I also thought the selection here was excellent and varied.

There was also some work I thought was terrible or at least fairly dull, but seeing as though I mostly enjoyed the day I won't focus on the negative. I have just realised that is a very bad pun. Sorry.

As an enjoyable bonus to the day I bumped into many many people I know and also met a couple of new people in the world of photography, which added to the festival vibe. Also a special thankyou to Emile and Toby for sorting me out with tickets to the event for myself and the family. Thankyou gentlemen for a generous gift.

As New York purports to be the center of the photographic industry it is strange that it has not had a dedicated festival until now. Perhaps with the many galleries, agencies, courses, events and fairs strewn throughout the calendar there hasn't been a need for one. There is the potential for this to become an outstanding festival. Based on what I saw today this was at the very least a good start.

Anyway, here's some photos.

Nick Zinner (left) Sayo Nagase (centre) from 'Various Photographs'

My boy checks out some 'New Typologies'

A photograph of a woman photographing some photographers who are photographing a wedding couple during the New York Photo Festival.

My wife and I liked this mini issue of 'Foam'. Very cute.

NYPH08 Jewelry.


e_a said...

Is that Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

Tom White said...

Dunno mate - could well be, you know how all these rock stars have other creative outlets innit. Yourself being one example!