Today I received a postcard from my close friend, photographer Annabelle Dalby. Alongside the personal message she was also letting me know about a project she is working on called dearImage.

Much of her work deals with memory, the found image and photographs of the vernacular. She is adept at revealing the many layers of a photographic image and at re-contextualising found photography so that it becomes more than a simple re-presentation of the image. She often treats her own photography in the same manner as her found photographs and I have sometimes had to ask her whether she took the photograph or found it! I have great respect for her as a friend and an artist. You can check out her work here.

For dearImage She is inviting people to send her personal photographs 'to either share the important moment or to free yourself from a burdened memory.' The will be initially displayed on the web and I'm sure she has other plans for them too! I will be digging in the shoebox and sending along some prints and I hope you do the same.

For more on the project, check out

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