Shoot the messenger

This photograph by Adrees Latif has just won a Pulitzer Prize. The man lying on the floor is Japanese video journalist Kenji Nagai. Latif took four frames as Nagai was shot and killed.

I remember seeing this at the time, and also the video footage and although it is a tragic event I feel that the pulitzer awarded to the image of Nagai's final moments is at the very least a solemn tribute.

That an unarmed man should be shot at point blank range for filming soldiers and police terrorising the public says so much.

My wife says this is exactly the reason she forbids me to do this kind of work. Some people say it is stupid but part of me will always have the utmost respect for those who put themselves in the line of fire and it just saddens me that people will have to keep on doing it.

More and more reporters are becoming the enemy of Governments, the Police, the Military and Corporations. More and more there is a consensus to control the media through restrictions, advertising revenue, corporate ownership, press releases, official government reports, internal investigations and so on. This does not just happen 'somewhere else' (Myanmar, China) it is happening everywhere. What does this tell you?

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