My Little Dead Dick

Every so often I come across some photographic projects that re-affirm my belief that photography is important, fascinating, beautiful, thoughtful, touching, flippant & fun all at once. This is one of those.


Lucy Helton said...

This website diary is amazing...since we are so fascinated with watching other people's lives, facebook, reality TV, it's lovely to do so when it is documented with beautiful pictures. I saw some lovely noise too! Love the idea of a couple working together and everything they are going through is out in the open. Makes me realize my relationship is somewhat normal! I can see why you love this Tom...does it conjure up any ideas?? Lx

Tom White said...

I think turning your camera on yourself is one of the hardest things to do, evidenced by the fact that so much self portraiture is - in my opinion - often just bad ego massaging.

In fact, we photographers while pretending to be objective are really just recording our life but only from the point of view of what we see, not how we are seen. I think one of the beautiful aspects of this work is that these two people are exploring each other in this kind of reciprocal photographic relationship in which they both become collaborative authors. That they seem to have done it with such wit, honesty and grace is fantastic and I'm glad it's something they want to share.