Martin Luther King

Is there anyone today who can speak in public so long and so eloquently on so many issues as Martin Luther King could four decades ago? And if so would they too be silenced by an assassin's bullet?

His speeches are easily found online, in bookstores and libraries. I have not yet read or heard or seen one that didn't resonate with me. Here's one I read today.

The other night I was talking with a couple of friends and the conversation turned to Strawberry Fields in Central Park. I noted that we who never knew him lost John Lennon's music, his politics and his advocacy of peace, but others lost a Father, a Husband and a friend. This fact alone makes Mark Chapman's murder of Lennon abhorrent. This is an aspect that often gets overlooked when we think of the murders of public figures. We should reflect on that, as it makes their deaths doubly tragic.



Tom White said...

I just found out where the mugshot of King originates, thanks to the following...

(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography: Martin Luther King, Jr.

pisidee81 said...

I like the pic, that's something I haven't seen in a while!