I saw 'Control' on the flight from London to New York. This is the biopic of Joy Division's Ian Curtis directed by Anton Corbijn and based upon the book 'Touching From a Distance' written by Curtis' wife Deborah.

I was very impressed. The acting was superb and it was beautifully filmed. Apparently it was shot on colour stock then converted to Black & White (as was one of my all time favourite films La Haine.)

Kudos to Corbijn who seems to have put his years of photography experience to good affect in the shooting of the film. I was a little worried there might be a lot of scenes that appeared staged and overly dramatic as this is something I've seen in biopics of musicians before but the directing here was thoughtful and restrained. Although Corbijn is a photographer of celebrities I couldn't help thinking what he may be like as a documentary photographer, which is a testament his skill and that of the cast and crew in making this film - based upon true events though it is - believable.

It is already available in the UK on DVD and should be getting a US release early this summer. If you're into photography (which you are) film (which you should be) or Joy division (which is a matter of taste) then check it out.

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Stan B. said...

Though "well made," all I could think towards the end of the film was that I would've fell asleep if I hadn't been such a big JD fan.

That said, also remember reading that there was supposed to be a Joy Division documentary released around the same time, never heard anything more of it though...