Photography as terrorism

I have been stopped by the police many times. When I was in my teens and early twenties it became a joke among my friends; "How many times were you stopped on the way here Tom?" they would say. Anyway. I have often been stopped simply for taking photographs. I have not yet been arrested for it but it came close a couple of times.

Here's a picture I took of some Police in one of those situations.

There was a protest happening outside Downing street and I got in trouble for being on the wrong side of the barriers i.e. the Police side. I was promptly and roughly escorted to the 'correct' side. My insistance that I could walk there without having my arm twisted (literally) almost got me cuffed.

I know full well what it means to be in reach of the long arm of the law. Even so, I almost thought this campaign by London's Metropolitan Police was an early April fool's joke. Sadly not.

Here is photographer David Hoffman showing his feelings about the poster. Thanks to Peter Marshall for taking this shot. Check out his blog here.

This may be in London but my experiences with the police here in the U.S. tell me the sentiment is the same. So I encourage you all to go out there and take photographs. While the law allows still allows it.

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