Przemysław Pokrycki's "Rites of Passage"

I found Pokrycki via the conscientious blog which i read adamantly. Anyway that said, I'm not sure if the pictures were meant to be droll but I burst out in laughter at a few of the baptism and first communion images. It's strange how mundane these seemingly American acts of familial bonding are, yet people continue the tradition in order not to forsake their communal bond. In most of the baptism flics you can hardly discern the facial features of the baby. Even funnier is how naft the meals are for the poor children in the first communion series. Fuckin hilarious.


romo said...

"... American acts of familial bonding are ..."


what are you talking about

this series is about catholic rituals in Poland

Todd W. said...

How do you read something "adamantly"?

Isn't possible people actually have an earnest belief in the ritual and it's not just keeping up appearances for the "communal bond?"

Tom White said...

Adamantly: ie unyielding and impervious to pleas to the contrary.

Question: Is it possible to engage in a ritual earnestly while also desperately clinging onto the traditions and communal bonds inherent in the activities? Are they mutually exclusive motivations?

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate caveat of ritual is the human necessity to claim ritual as tradition. Ritual in essence is sacred whereas tradition is not necessarily sacred nor divinely inspired. These photos exemplify that an act which was once spiritual has transgressed into mundane habit.

Anonymous said...


Thanks romo for enlightening me to the fact that these were shot in Poland, didn't see that information posted anywhere. My statement still stands, just strike American from it.