Artistic Inspiration

Tom and I were chillin' at a dub step party chirpin' about our lives in the metro and more specifically our latest projects. From my brief description of what I shoot, he inquired as to which photographers I liked and I couldn't name one contemporary photographer I felt inspired me. This Weekend I was working with an Australian photographer and she brought up the same topic, funnily enough. It seems to be the question of the times for me. After running through my usual Kertesz, Model, E. Smith, Arbus, Salgado, she mentioned that she never heard of Kertesz. I introduced her to some of his photography and she noticed that I might enjoy Trent Parke. After looking through his images I must admit reverence and appreciation and realize that there is new inspiration brewing out there, this being my first realization of that concept.

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Tom White said...

Black & White is the new colour.