alexei Vassiliev

I had a conversation with Lucy the other day about taking the aesthetic of some of the club photography I do out into the street and into portraiture. She has some great ideas about using available flourescent light, grain, blur, colour colour and more colour. I have done some street stuff that has similarities but the photographs from inside the clubs are a bit more successful I think. Here's a few examples.

Anyway, yesterday I came across the work of Alexei Vassiliev on the lens culture blog, who happens to have done exactly the thing we were talking about, more or less.


Anonymous said...

your club work is great... really dig the abstract color... never seen anything like it.

G: "Tom"
T: "whut... who in da @#$^& hell is that!"
G: "Tom it's God... Do nightclub photography."
T: "Uh OK... Fancy dropping me a dime or two for a new D3?"
G: ". . . . . . ."
T: "On second thought, I've been doin' fine wit my current rig."
G: "Good"

Tom White said...

cheers mate!

T: Actually God, thinking about that D3 request...