Fader #51

Gabriele has told me some great stories from the assignment he was sent on for this issue of The Fader, so I thought his photographs should be worth checking out.

Plenty published and some fine shots. Check it out in your local magazine store or download the PDF online.

I also liked some of Matt Eich's photography in the same issue. Impressed me more than some other work of his I've seen.


Alice Dison said...

I got this issue because of Gabi's work, amazing, truly beautiful. (same goes with the issue a couple months back, I have it if you want me to scan and send to you)
I am in love with the last image in the magazine as well. You should look at the issue in person, internet doesnt do it justice.
Bravo, Gabi bravo....

Tom White said...

I agree - print is much better as the PDF quality is basic. Gabriele showed me the other work he did and some of it is on his site but if you want you can post it here too.