Energy Wars

These days there is much talk about our responsibility as consumers and often the phrase 'ethical consumption' actually means spending money to alleviate guilt (think; offsetting carbon emmissions).

There is an article here about converting Hummers so they can run on biofuel and do more than 8 miles to the gallon.

Compare that with the scene below from 'Oil Rich' Iraq.

Imagine if you had to wait 3 days for a gallon of fuel so you could drive 8 miles in a Hummer.

Photograph: Khalid Mohammed/AP

Caption reads - Baghdad, Iraq: An Iraqi woman gestures as she reacts to her plight after waiting in a queue to buy petrol for three days, with others to fill up her containers with petrol for heating. The woman is nearing the front of the queue after three days waiting in line, now with only a few people ahead of her to buy rationed fuel.

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