Editor vs Publisher

O'Shea speaks to Times Publisher David D. Hiller as he packs up his office. Photo by Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

James E. O’Shea was recently ousted from his position of Editor at the Los Angeles Times after a long running disagreement with Publisher
David D. Hiller. The dispute has raised some interesting points about the news industry, especially it's reliance on advertising revenue and the culture of celebrity. I agree wholeheartedly with the following, which is an extract from the statement O'Shea sent to his staff regarding his departure.

"This company, indeed, this industry, must invest more in solid, relevant journalism. We must integrate the speed and agility of the Internet with the news judgment and editorial values of the newsroom, values that are more important than ever as the hunger for news continues to surge and gossip pollutes the information atmosphere. Even in hard times, wise investment — not retraction — is the long-term answer to the industry’s troubles. We must build on our core strength, which is good, accurate reporting, the backbone of solid journalism, the public service that helps people make the right decisions about their increasingly complex lives. We must tell people what they want to know and — even more important — what they might not want to know, about war, politics, economics, schools, corruption and the thoughts and deeds of those who lead us. We need to tell readers more about Barack Obama and less about Britney Spears. We must give a voice to those who can’t afford a megaphone. And we must become more than a marketing slogan."

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