The Dominican Republic.

I visited this country for some winter sun at the end of last year. My wife booked us into an all-inclusive beach resort which was lovely but we didn't really see any of the country. I spent a lot of time reading about the history of the place, which is fascinating.

Here's a recent article and slideshow from the New York Times about the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

You can see some of the pictures I took by clicking on the links below.


Panteon Nacional

Parque Colon

Plaza Espana

Columbus Lighthouse

Punta Cana part one

Punta Cana part two


gabriele said...

1)I strongly suggest to all the other photographers to get a wife ready to check you in a all inclusive beach resort.
2)I strongly recommend to read the extra funny thread LeicaM8 is it any good on the lightstalkers page.
hilarious, start reading from the bottom.

Tom White said...

I stongly suggest taking headphones when you go as the resort's entertainment is LOUD. I'm talking beach aerobics, variety shows, and cabaret at a volume that echoes all the way to Jamaica.

As much Rum as I could drink included in the price though. That's a deal sealer if ever I saw one.

ps - is a LeicaM8 like a coffeeM8?

ho ho ho

Pedro Genaro said...

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