Pieter Hugo

Yossi Milo Gallery currently has a show of work by Pieter Hugo. There are images from two series.

'The Wild Honey Collectors' is one.

Takyi Isaac, Wild Honey Collector, Techiman District, Ghana

'The Hyena & Other Men' is the other and main body of work on display.

Mallam Galadima Ahamadu with Jamis and Mallam Mantari Lamal with Mainasara, Nigeria

Dayaba Usman with the monkey Clear, Nigeria

Reading the text that accompanies these images is illuminating. Like Hugo, I too wondered who these people were and what they do. His statement tells how he first became aware of them and how their relationship developed.

The recently published book also contains an excellent article on these 'Hyena Men' by Nigerian journalist Adetokunbo Abiola wherein he explains their vocation and a little about the life they lead.

Click here to see more images and read both Hugo's and Abiola's text.

Also, as it's nearly christmas perhaps I should mention that prints from the show are on sale now at Yossi Milo for up to $20 000.

I wonder what the Hyena men would make of that.

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