Newsweek Photography Article

William H. F. Talbot The Open Door, 1844 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Slideshow with an interesting article commenting on the current state of photography as art and it's future within the digital medium.


Tom White said...

Strangely enough, I actually preferred the photographs from 'The Art Of The American Snapshot' to those from 'Depth Of Field'. The fine art photography work looks a little stale when compared to the moments of everyday life.

As for "The death of photography"; I'll just quote the first line of the article -

"How is that even remotely possible?"


Anonymous said...

Yeah to posit an idea like "The Death Of Photography" is reaching for a subject when you have run out of things to write. Photography is alive and well. I see many beautiful photographs, though I agree with th aspect of digital photography being a non-realism medium when it comes to excessive post. I also believe that the future of realism in photography is prime for some good home cookin'.

Tom White said...

I agree. Digital manipulation is all well and good but often goes too far! I think good solid work grounded in realism is photography's strength (as is mentioned in the article) and should not be downplayed.