Mail Art with a Polaroid

Today I was scanning some old slides in ICP's digital lab and next to me was sitting the master of the Fine Art C-Print and all round diamond geezer, Jorge Ochoa. He was also scanning some old work, including a bunch of beautiful Polaroids. Don't ask me how but I immediately knew he'd taken them on an SX-70. I've never even used one, though I almost bought one this year. Film is a little hard to come by though..... Anyway, I got home and did some of my usual timewasting on the interweb and came across this little project

Seems like Polaroids are haunting me today. I love the idea of this project. It reminds me of the Mail Art movement which reached it's peak in the late 60's through to the late 70's. Though largely ignored by the mainstream art world it was (and still is) a thriving network of underground artists exchanging art and ideas through the postal system. Kind of like a precursor to today's blogging and social networking (though with a little more imagination and a few less photos of "me and my mates on a night out").

Ray Johnson is frequently cited as the most famous and earliest artist of this movement. He referred to himself as the world's most famous unknown artist. A good friend of my family was one of the UK's top Mail Artists. He referred to himself as the world's most unknown unknown artist.

But anyway, If you have a Polaroid Camera, consider participating in the project. Photography should be fun, no?

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