William Klein

Girl Dancing In Brooklyn, 1955.

Hamburger 40 cents, New York, 1955.

The post below on Mikhail Baryshnikov by Lucy made me think about this - If an image is grainy, blurry, out of focus then is it the case that it often gets pushed from the realm of journalism and into art?

How often have you heard the words "It's not sharp. It's too grainy. This is too blurred. It's too confusing. It's not clear what's going on..." Although it's true that the news is occasionally illustrated or told by photographs with these qualities it is often thought of as 'daring' or 'pushing the boundaries'. Seeing as this was the attitude back in the 50's when Vogue hired William Klein and he produced images such as those above then isn't it time we moved on? Are galleries and ubercool magazines still the only outlet for this kind of work?

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