New Web Gallery

Still not a complete website (hopefully early next year) but I've uploaded a new flash gallery and would like to know what you all think.




gab said...

it's cool, but little too grainy tho, here and there.
sent a pic to be published but got lost in cyrspce?
ciao ciccio

Anonymous said...

Nice design. The interface is extremely clean and simple. Well done.

Tom White said...

I know grain is out of fashion at the moment...It's all about sharpness! I think I might go back to shooting high speed B&W 35mm. Never was one for current fashions.

I get the point though and sometimes the inconsistent nature of my images bothers me. And this means it'll bother other people as well, yet I hate separating images based upon such considerations as grain. Any solutions?

E_A said...

great pictures, never seen a lot of these. Thing I don't like about flash sites is that (at least on my browser) backwards navigation is a hassle. When there are nearly 50 images, I'd like to be able to jump back to certain pictures once the overall slideshow is done.

Lucy Helton said...

You can't please all the people all of the time and if they don't like grain then they are not your audience. I find your edit choice strange...why Brazil project? I think you have much better stuff! Most of the images in street scene are your strongest and the club stuff - although another strange edit.!! All great and would love to see more of street stuff...well done!

e_a said...

For me the Korean work is best.

The street section has some really great stuff in it but sometimes feels disjointed. I'm trying to cobble together a new site right now and am facing the same thing - there are lots of images I like that are "single" shots and it's nearly impossible to put them together without it feeling a bit odd.

Will the Tonnelle (sp?) project eventually make it up as it's own theme?

Patsy said...

Great work.