Guardian UK daily slideshow

The Guardian Website has a daily slideshow of images from around the world. yesterday's photographs were quite interesting. Click here to see them.

I actually really liked this one by Christopher Furlong. It's of Police raiding a fortified house of a suspected drug dealer. Framing is a bit loose but still... Maybe it's the woman's expression, maybe it's the fact that the guys with cutting tools don't look like Police, or maybe because it's from Leeds, near where I grew up and I've had some fun times with the Leeds Metropolitan Police Force myself over the years. For whatever reason. Here it is.


Lucy Helton said...

Its a really weird picture! How does the photographer get to photograph a raid as its happening!!?? I love the way the people inside look - blured and in shock! Lx

Tom White said...

I guess he's friends with the Police! As an aside I got stopped again today photographing near the Lincoln Tunnel. And you couldn't even see the entrance from where I was. I think I'm gonna just ask the police if I can hang out with them seeing as they always seem to pop up when I'm photographing. I'm thinking my next project will be titled 'Vital Infrastructure in the United States - A Walking Tour.'