Dominican Moves

Thought I'd post an image shot by none other that Mikhail Baryshnikov. Saw this collection at the Edwynn Houk Gallery in NY, taken there by Suzanne Opton. I love the grain (its alright, I know Gabby likes grain, he's shown me some amazing grainy images in the past!) These photographs huge were really exciting. It was encouraging to see a gallery showing this type of image. Or maybe its because its Baryshnikov! Lx


Tom White said...

They were printed strangely I seem to remember - were they on canvas? I think they were meant to look like paintings!

Marie Noele said...

they are printed on paper (Hahnemühle
German Etching Paper), which has a lot of texture.
dammed, i wish i had seen this show...
and Lucy, stop freaking out about grain. grain is beautiful, even in color...

Emile said...

Am I on the blog? I'll see on a bit. Best.

R-bebe said...

“Dominican Moves”??

This is for MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV,. Freddy Ginebra and aparantly every single blind newspaper in my country. And so everyone knows how pissed off I am.

I arrived Santo Domingo to spend 1 week in my very loved island, the next day I picked up a copy of the Diario Libre Newspaper and found something that in that moment seemed to me totally marvelous and incredible! MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV was there! And not only was he there but he was also presenting an photography exposition in which he describes in his own words that in those photographs he captured the Dominican Culture and our national Dance. Me, being a fan of Mr. BARYSHNIKOV got all exited and happy, I think I was even nervous, I was so happy that an artist/actor like Mr. BARYSHNIKOV had taken time to make and expose his art in my country.

The next day I ran to the exposition which was held in “Casa de Teatro” a very prestigious art gallery in the Dominican Republic. As I walked in I saw 3 huge photos that I found to be very beautiful, they were of people in a bar and an older couple dancing, the colors where very bright reds and oranges and the movement of the camera shot were excellent and the texture of the same was truly amazing I could have sworn it was a panting and not a photo… in the next few minutes a man came and handed me a glossy paper that had the “artists” words describing his “art” as the Dominican Culture.
As I continued to walk my eyes could not believe what they were seeing and it became totally impossible for me to connect what I was reading with what I was looking at!

MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV presented 16 huge photos of which 12 were solely of STRIPERS! YES stripers dancing naked on a metal pole. STRIPERS!
BARYSHNIKOV insists that, that is what he captured of the Dominican Culture; he said it in his own words in all the interviews he gave and in his little glossy handout.

I was in a state of shock, as I walked around I felt so embarrassed, and I felt embarrassed that this man who I admire had this absolutely wrong and stupid idea of what the Dominican Culture is and that he actually presented it in my own country, I felt appalled that Mr. Freddy Ginebra (Owner of Casa De Teatro) a man who I have a great deal of respect for had the audacity of allowing this man to expose his erroneous idea of our culture in his establishment, and I felt pity for Mr. BARYSHNIKOV for not having the slightest idea of what the Dominican Culture and it National Dance consists of.

I can truly say that my country lacks strip clubs and stripers, and wherever Mr. BARYSHNIKOV went to get his grove on was not a Dominican Culture spot which by the pictures I have to say that THOSE WERE NOT DOMINICAN WOMEN either.

“Dominican Moves” not only is a lack of respect but also an insult to the Dominican Women, the Dominican National Dance and the Dominican Culture.

I suggest Mr. BARYSHNIKOV stay longer in my beautiful island; visit other places besides a Strip Club where sluts dance naked on a pole, read, learn what the real Dominican Culture is so you can realize that your exposition has nothing to do with our culture or our music, or our dances. And next time you are going to make a photograph exhibit of naked women dancing a pole name it as it is, I suggest “SLUTS” that way when people go they are not in shock and appalled like me. Don’t use my country, my culture, my music, my dance as a name or a theme for your nights out at strip clubs.

And Mr. Freddy Ginebra, like I said I’m appalled and embarrassed that you allowed such an exhibit in Casa De Teatro, I have traveled half the world and I have gone to best museums and Galleries in the world and I know what art is, I am sure I understand art that you would never dream of understanding, and I have to say, That exhibit was far from what it was said to be.

To close, I noticed that all the newspapers in Santo Domingo promoted the exhibit and I have to say that Dominicans suffer from a big problem; they praise and support everything from outsiders, instead of doing the same for your/our own people. Don’t give merit to who doesn’t deserve it.


Tom White said...

Hi Rita - thanks for posting this as a comment on the photographylot blog. The girl who wrote the post - Lucy - is a colleague of mine and we went to see the Baryshnikov show in NYC. We liked the colour and shape in his photos but we didn't find out any info about the photographer. I have to say that I spent a week in the DR and thought the place was fascinating. Unfortunately I went with my wife and son for a beach holiday so we didn't do a lot of exploring, though what I did see of the country I liked very much and the people were very friendly. You can see some of the photos I took on the trip at

If you know of any photographers who have good photos of the real DR let me know!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!